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Trauma Informed Care and Resilience Focused Practice

SiT is committed to delivering a trauma informed service and also offers evaluated training to other organisations around becoming trauma informed and resilience ready,

We offer consultancy, training and support to:

  • Help raise awareness of TiP principles across the system
  • Trauma training that reflects the most up to date evidence and best practice in the field
  • Development of communities of practice models to support practitioners
  • A whole service audit to include SLT, staff, service users and other stakeholders
  • Help to analyse the findings and draw out the key themes/issues bespoke to your setting
  • Help to create Action Plans based on insights from the audit and training process

Trauma informed resources (FE to email Josh’s docs to be available for download)

Become a Trauma Informed Practice (TiP) Champion!

Survivors In Transition have a limited number of funded places for up to 30 front line staff, managers and senior leaders in Suffolk to join a new workforce training and development programme in Trauma Informed Practice (TIP).

Successful applicants will receive training and consultancy to lead the implementation of TIP in their settings. For more information about the programme and how to apply click on the links below.

Talking Therapies for Norfolk and Suffolk SARC’s

From April 2022 SiT is delivering Talking Therapies service for the Norfolk and Suffolk Sexual Assault Referral Centres. This provides immediate and short term psychological interventions to support male and female adults and children in the immediate aftermath of a sexual offence, whether the incident is subject to criminal justice proceedings, or not.  The service is for adults and children who have attended the SARC as an acute referral and/or forensic client within the last 12 months.   

To support improved mental health outcomes through early access to talking therapies promoting stabilisation, safety and recovery. 



**This is a professional only referral service

ISVAs / SARC staff can request a referral form or email [email protected]


Self referral support for young people who have not reported their abuse



Help support SiT

We are grateful for your support, all donations and fundraising go directly towards the costs of supporting survivors - you can easily donate to us here.



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The Survivors in Transition (SiT) website is an information and signposting resource, neither SiT nor its affiliated staff or volunteers take responsibility for any information that is out of date or inaccurate. Some of the content on the website may contain triggers and we suggest it is used with due care.
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