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Clare Wilson
Operations Lead
Fi and I started SiT due to the lack of Support for survivors of CSA in our area. Being a survivor myself helps to bring the survivors voice and heart to everything we do. I have never felt that the things that happened to me were my fault or shame and that they should not be allowed to define my life and persona. I am highly motivated with a passion for justice and the opportunity to provide support & psycho education to survivors to ensure they have every opportunity available to them in life.

Clare is a qualified Social Worker and works at SiT as Head of Operations and is the Safeguarding Lead and Child Protection lead
Fiona Ellis @ SiT
Fiona Ellis
I have been incredibly privileged to be involved with SiT since day one and watch our incredible growth as an organisation. I am continually amazed at the resilience and strength of the men and women who come through our door. I see survivors, full of anxiety and self doubt and watch their transformation over the coming weeks. We believe in you and I hope as an organisation we can show you that we respect you, we listen to you and we believe you.

Fiona runs the organisation from day to day.

“I believe the most important thing we can say to survivors is ‘you are not alone’ and ‘its not your shame’ and I hope that every survivor who comes to SiT can find their voice and wings to achieve peace and give purpose to their lives.”

SiT utilises a mix of extremely qualified and experienced employed and volunteer practitioners including accredited counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, social workers and teachers along with ex-service users to deliver our model who are managed, appraised and professionally supervised ensuring that they are well supported and all therapeutic practice is overseen, reviewed and regulated to assure the safest practice. We will always endeavour to tell you who you’re working with but please don’t be afraid to ask about qualifications and relevant experience.

Kate Hughes (Chair)
Kate was born in Cumbria and after a number of years living and working in London moved to Suffolk in 1998. Kate lives in Ipswich with her husband and two children. She is marketing professional and worked for BT for 11 years before going freelance. Kate is a hands on Chair – she is based at SiT at least one day per week and has great insight into how the charity runs day to day. Her and Fiona meet weekly to discuss operational and strategic issues. "I am passionate about the tremendous work SiT does in our community and proud to be part of an innovative and impactful organisation".
Ali Mann (Service User Involvement)
Ali was the first ever service user at SiT! She brings a quiet, measured element to the Board and helps to ensure that all of our decisions and day to day running of SiT is steeped in what our service users want. She oversees and regularly attends our Service User Group (SUG) and ensures that survivors ideas and feedback are effectively represented at Board level. "I have been involved with SiT since it started and it played an important role in my own healing. I am proud to represent service users on the Board and am pleased with the openness and transparency demonstrated within SiT".
Dr. Emma Marriott (Clinical Lead)
Emma is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist who has provided clinical direction and insight to SiT since its inception. Emma specialises in older people’s acute services and has an avid interest in how trauma impacts people in older age. "It has been an incredible privilege to be involved and watch as SiT has grown, shaped and responded to enormous demand".
Andrew Dewhurst (Strategy)
Andrew is the Managing Director of a local manufacturing company and brings with him a vast range of well-honed business skills. He is integral to the business element of the charity and supports the strategic direction, development and implementation.
Mark Davies (Finance and Business Development)
Mark Davies holds a Degree in Geography from Durham University and is a Chartered Accountant by profession. Mark has worked in Retail Financial Services and the Lending Industry specifically since leaving KPMG in 1994. A seasoned professional in the sector, Mark has held a number of senior roles in the Financial Services Industry and is currently Managing Director of Link Mortgage Services Limited, based in Ipswich and which is part of Link Group PTY of Australia. Prior to that Mark worked as an Interim Manager and CFO of a number of businesses, completing long term assignments as Head of Finance for Hermes Fund Managers Limited and The UK Debt Management Office, where he was actively engaged on supporting the Debt Guarantee programmes launched by the UK Government at the height of the credit crisis. Mark is also serves on the Board of Governors of Colchester Institute and is a member of the Resources Committee. Married to Helen and having lived in Suffolk since 1994, Mark has 2 children at University, one in the USA and a third just embarking on a career in the City.
Professor/Dr Vanessa Webb
Professor/Dr Vanessa Webb (MBBS, RGN,MSc, BSc, DLM, DFMS, FMERSA, MFMLM) has over 30 years experience as a nurse and qualified as a doctor in 2007, with experience as a forensic medical examiner delivering services to children, young people and adults. Vanessa was a Co-Founder of Mountain Healthcare, and left in 2021 to share her experiences. She is the Medical Director and Co-Founder of Nurture Health and Care Ltd, Chair of Trustees for The Maslow Foundation and is excited by the opportunity of supporting Survivors In Transition and their amazing team.
Photo of trustee advisor charlotte johns
Charlotte Johns LLB (Human Resources and Employment Law)
Trustee Adviser
Following completion of a law degree, Charlotte qualified as a Barrister and then subsequently took the Solicitors conversation exam and spent many years working as a Solicitor in several law firms based in both England and Scotland for over fifteen years. Having spent her career specialising in employment law, Charlotte is passionate about helping employers comply with their legal obligations as well as best practice around employee engagement. Charlotte now provides advice to clients on a consultancy basis through Kingfisher HR which has been established for over six years. Charlotte has vast experience across the employment law spectrum having advised clients on all aspects of day to day HR management and change management projects. Charlotte helps SiT with our HR and employment law compliance and she has commented “ It is a real privilege to be able to support SiT, who clearly make a positive impact on our community and the lives of others”.
Photo of Kerri Read - a trustee advisor
Kerri Read
Trustee Adviser
Kerri Read has a background in Health and Social Care and Teaching. She has spent the last decade supporting local charity and community groups to connect with more people through organising events and fundraisers and managing Social Media. "I love being able to use my skills and experience to support such an essential and inspirational organisation. SiT truly listens to and empowers people and I am very honoured to be one of their Trustee Advisors" .

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