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Organisational Information

SiT is governed by a Board of Trustees and complies with the Charity Commission Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP) which sets out how charities should prepare their annual accounts and report on their finances. Our financial information can be seen here.

Our Strategic Plan sets out SiT’s vision and the core activities that the Charity plans to undertake every year. Its purpose is to help the Trustees and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and staff plan ahead and ensure that the targets and objectives are clear each year, so that they are confident that all the operational activities work towards achieving SiT’s vision. SiT’s CEO, Trustees and staff, with the valued input of our volunteers, ex service users and beneficiaries of the services, provide work on our plan annually. It has been written for all of the SiT team and for all supporters who have an interest in seeing the organisation succeed. If you would like to see a copy of the whole plan please email [email protected]

Our motivation

Our vision

We want to lead by example, recognising that every survivor of sexual violence and abuse deserves to be listened to, believed, respected and understood.

Our values

  • We are kind. We treat people with care and compassion.
  • We never forget everyone is an individual and should be treated as such.
  • We are inspired by survivors bravery and courage, recognising their resilience.
  • We are independent and speak out fearlessly.
  • We are inclusive, we are available to all survivors.
  • We have integrity, we treat people with honesty and respect.
  • We are innovative, we are always seeking to improve and advance the methods and models we use to help survivors.
  • We work hard to minimise our impact on the planet.

Our mission

To provide a safe, supportive environment to build self esteem and independence, to ensure that every survivor of sexual violence and abuse who accesses our service lives healthier and happier lives.

The SiT model

Our model is based on dynamic, short term interventions that address the unresolved effects of sexual abuse experienced in childhood. Key to our ethos is the view that recovery from CSA is a lifetime process and survivors require different interventions at different times and as such may re-enter the service seamlessly as required. We work to a 3 phase response to trauma (1 Safety / Stabilisation, 2 Trauma work, 3 Consolidation & Reconnection)

All SiT staff and volunteers adhere to the strictest policies and procedures to ensure the safety and consistency of our service; all of our policies are available upon request – please email [email protected] for a copy of any of our policies, including how to make a complaint (or compliment).


Help support SiT

We are grateful for your support, all donations and fundraising go directly towards the costs of supporting survivors - you can easily donate to us here.



Memberships & Accreditations

The Survivors in Transition (SiT) website is an information and signposting resource, neither SiT nor its affiliated staff or volunteers take responsibility for any information that is out of date or inaccurate. Some of the content on the website may contain triggers and we suggest it is used with due care.
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